Where is McPherson Park and Kooka Walk?

McPherson Park and Kooka Walk are both located in the Ashmore Precinct, in Erskineville.  The Ashmore Precinct is one of the City of Sydney’s biggest urban development projects, and will be developed to include new residential buildings, shops, cafés and a small supermarket. Ashmore will eventually be home to approximately 6,000 residents.

Can you tell me more about McPherson Park?

McPherson Park will be rectangular in shape and approximately 7,400sqm in size.  It will be the main park for the new residents moving into the Ashmore Precinct and the wider community.

History: The park is named after the McPherson Bolt Works, a manufacturer of bolts, nuts and rivets as well as precision tools and machinery, who were based on the site from 1860. McPherson’s proudly declared that it supplied the bolt rivets and bolts for the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

Aspiration: McPherson Park is the meeting point for the community providing a range of spaces that comfortably accommodate large groups or individuals of different ages. It will be playful, well shaded and activated by Kooka Walk and the retail zone.

As you can see on the concept plan, the proposal for McPherson Park includes:
  • 1-7 year old play space
  • 8-13 year play space
  • Water play
  • Public art
  • Small lawn areas
  • BBQ shelter
  • Picnic tables under shade trees (no formal shelter)
  • Public toilets
  • Lighting
  • Bicycle parking
  • Turfed detention basin/kickabout space
  • Timber boardwalks
  • Timber decks for seating and small group activities
  • Concrete terraces/informal seating
  • Space for community gatherings
  • Evergreen shade trees
  • Low turf mounds at northern end

Can you tell me more about Kooka Walk?

Kooka Walk is a 7,400 square metre ‘green link’ that will run from north to south through the Ashmore Precinct, providing an access path for pedestrians and cyclists. Kooka Walk will also create habitats for local biodiversity. It will be 20 metres wide and 370 metres long.

History: Its name is derived from Kooka Ovens that were manufactured by Metters, a manufacturer of stoves, baths, basins, sinks etc. Metters were based on the site from 1907-1974.

Aspiration: Kooka Walk will provide a safe, fine grained pedestrian and cycle link with a landscape structure that can be refined over time as the community needs are known. For part of its route, Kooka Walk will run alongside McPherson Park. 

As you can see on the concept plan, the proposal for Kooka Walk includes: 

  • Small lawn areas
  • Seating and incidental play elements
  • Lighting
  • Fruiting trees
  • Mix of evergreen and deciduous trees
  • Shared pedestrian/cycle path
  • Planted drainage swales (sustainable stormwater management/treatment)
  • Timber walkway connections into McPherson park
  • Formal pedestrian crossing at MacDonald Street.