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Community Planning Principles

almost 3 years ago

Over 100 community members attended a public meeting on 16 November to discuss the important points to take forward to the International Summit. The community agreed on the following principles.

Precedence is given to the public good as a driving overarching principle for the renewal of these publicly owned foreshores and bays;

The community of Sydney is able to fully engage in all stages of the planning process;

Excellence in planning and design for all development proposals by designating clear, publicly endorsed planning principles developed by the Bays Precinct Community Reference Group and actively seeking local and international ideas for renewal;

All unsolicited development proposals relating to any Bays Precinct public land or waters is subject to open competitive tenders and proper public scrutiny;

There is no alienation of the Bays Precinct foreshores from public ownership by sale or long term lease;

High priority is given to the inclusion of social and affordable housing as a significant element of any residential uses;

Continuous public access to the harbour foreshore is a core principle for all development in the Bays Precinct;

A significant proportion of the 80 plus hectares of publicly owned lands is retained for public uses including open space;

Heritage items, such as the White Bay Power Station and the Glebe Island Bridge are creatively adapted and reused.