What is the City Farm?

The City Farm is a community vision for a working urban farm, including a community garden, orchard, education, volunteering and sustainability programs and small animals.

Who is involved in the City Farm?

The City Farm is a partnership between the City ofSydney and the Powerhouse Museum. An advisory group has been formed with community representatives, including the Sydney City Farm Community Group.  Other community members can also be involved in the City Farm!

How were the sites determined?

The feasibility study examined a range of other urban farms as well as the requirements for an urban farm and potential sites in Sydney, with a small part of Sydney Park and the Powerhouse Museum emerging as preferred sites.

What about soil contamination and growing food?

We're currently carrying out testing of the soil for contamination at Sydney Park, and will use the results to determine if the any plantings or orchards will be planted directly into the ground or planted in new soil in raised garden beds.

Will the City Farm have animals?

Currently the role of animals within the City Farm is being considered as a part of business plan.

How is the Sydney City Farm community organisation involved?

We are working with Sydney City Farm (SCF) as well as other organisations and local residents during the planning process. Two representatives from the SCF committee have been appointed to the City Farm Advisory Group to have an ongoing input into the planning for City Farm.

I like to use Sydney Parks for picnics and playing with my kids. How

Sydney Park is a 44 hectare site. The feasibility study suggests that the City Farm would only need approx 1 hectare, but we are still working on the final plan.

How have you consulted the community?

The city farm proposal came about from significant community interest in establishing an urban farm. As part of the feasibility study, three community consultation sessions were held to get feedback on the proposal and the sites.  Now, an advisory group has been formed with four community representatives.  Further opportunities for community consultation will happen during the development of the Master Plan.

How much does it cost?

The City has already set aside $1.5 million to get a new City Farm up and running. We've established an advisory group and we're now asking the community what sorts of things they'd like included in their city farm.  The total cost of the project will depend on the final design and what it contains.

What are the next steps for the City Farm?

The City of Sydney is working on the Business Plan for the City Farm, being guided by community feedback from the online forum, Community Day and the Community Advisory Group.

A Summer Farm program is being planned for later in 2012.  The next step will be to develop a Master Plan for the City Farm and more consultation will happen with the community in 2013 as this process continues.