What is a Review of Environmental Factors?

A Review of Environmental Factors or REF is a planning assessment report used by councils to assess key engineering, environmental and planning issues associated with projects that are developed for use by the public.

The REF has been prepared in accordance with the NSW Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979

What key issues has the REF assessed?

Water quality and quantity

Traffic, access and parking

Landscape and visual

Geotechnical and contamination


Indigenous and Non-Indigenous heritage

Flora and Fauna

What is the Drying Green?

The Drying Green is a proposed park of approximately 6,000 square metres to be developed in the Green Square Town Centre.  The park is being developed at 95 – 103 Portman Street, Zetland.

Why is the Drying Green being developed?

The Drying Green will provide a place of recreational amenity and green space for existing and future residents (up to 6,000 people) in the Green Square Town Centre and also visitors and workers

What are the key elements being delivered in the park?

Internal turfed areas

Grassed berms

Street furniture and public art

Water management scheme

An amenities block and BBQ facilities

Lighting and public domain treatment

Tree and shrub plantings

Proposed substation (Ausgrid)

Who is delivering the park and when will it be open

The City of Sydney is responsible for the delivery of the park which is planned to open in 2017.

The City will appoint a contractor to construct the park, which will take place from 2016 to 2017.