Sydney is becoming a water sensitive city

over 1 year ago

We have set a bold target to help make Sydney a water sensitive city. We propose zero increase in potable water use from the 2005/06 baseline for both our own operations and for the entire local goverment area.

Some of the projects the City is working on to keep our city cool and green and our waterways clean include:

  • Connecting our parks and buildings to alternative water supplies, such as harvested stormwater and rainwater
  • Installing smart meters to detect and fix leaks in our parks and properties
  • Upgrading park irrigation systems to be more efficient
  • Retrofitting our high water-using properties with water efficient fixtures and fittings
  • Incorporating rain gardens and swales during streetscapes and openspace upgrade projects

We are also supporting businesses and residents to save water and use alternative water sources:

  • 620 businesses engaged in our Smart Green Business program are collectively saving over 1 gigalitre (GL) of potable water annually through water efficiency measures
  • Green SquareTown Centre is delivering a large precinct- scale recycled water project
  • Private water utilities have installed waste water recycling schemes in urban renewal areas, such as Barangaroo and Central Park.