What is micro tunnelling?

Microtunnelling involves using a tunnel boring machine to install pipes underground without disturbing the surface. It is an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly alternative to more conventional pipeline construction methods like open trenching.

We will build as much of the new drain as possible using microtunnelling as it will:

·  reduce our impact on the community

·  have a smaller environmental footprint

·  result in fewer truck movements

·  keep roads open and parking available

What can I expect during construction?

Delivering a project of this scale in a busy urban area presents significant challenges. Our aim is to deliver the best outcomes for the community and the environment by minimising impacts, reducing disruptions and addressing any community concerns early on.

Normal work hours will be 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and 8am and 1pm on Saturdays.

Some work may need to be done outside of these hours to minimise the impact on traffic, businesses and the general community.

There will be some noise while the work takes place; and temporary changes to traffic and parking arrangements in some locations, particularly on Huntley and Maddox Streets in Alexandria.

We will have measures in place to minimise the safety, community and environmental impacts of our work as much as we can. As part of this, we have prepared a Construction Environmental Management which includes environmental mitigation measures and regular environmental audits of all construction areas.

A Traffic Management Place will be in place and where necessary, signage and traffic controllers will direct cyclists, pedestrians and drivers safely around our work sites.

We will contact affected residents and businesses in each area before work begins to provide more detailed information about what to expect.

Perry Park

We will be installing a temporary work site in Perry Park near the corner of Maddox Street and Bourke Road, Alexandria. We will need to remove some trees in this area but we will replace these once work is finished. The work area will be fenced and pedestrians will be directed around it to ensure their safety.

How will the community be kept up to date?

We will keep the community informed as the project progresses via community updates, information sessions and through Sydney Water and the City’s websites. The project team will meet with affected businesses and residents before work starts. At these meetings we will discuss:

·  The project, including what will be happening and where

·  What the community can expect during construction and how we will manage impacts

·  Any concerns about the work.

How were the environmental impacts of the project assessed?

The environmental impacts of constructing and operating the stormwater drain were identified and assessed during the development of the project’s Review of Environmental Factors (REF). You can download a copy of the REF in the Document Library.

The REF was displayed for community feedback between 28 April and 23 May 2014 and nine submissions were received. The main concerns raised in the submissions were around the cumulative impact of the large amount of construction activity already happening in and around the Green Square area and the potential for increased flooding in other downstream areas.

Sydney Water reviewed these submissions and prepared a Decisions Report, which you can view in the document library. 

These issues were all taken into consideration during the detailed design phase of the project. 

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