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Work on new and upgraded streets in Zetland

12 months ago

The City of Sydney is upgrading streets in Zetland to improve safety, increase walking and cycling connections, and manage flood risks in this fast-growing suburb.

These works are part of our program to deliver a network of new and upgraded streets that will connect people to and from the new Green Square town centre and to wider Sydney.

We invite you to view the plans on this page or come to an information day on Saturday 8 October to hear more about our work in the area.

Joynton Avenue works
We will raise the level of the road on Joynton Avenue by up to 1.7 metres to minimise the risk of flash flooding. This work is alongside the new Green Square stormwater drain project by Sydney Water and the City of Sydney. The new street level will also allow for future light rail to Green Square.

A new tree-lined boulevard, Zetland Avenue, will connect Joynton Avenue to the new Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre. This new street will feature wide footpaths and continuous off-road bike paths.

Joynton Avenue will have new traffic signals at Elizabeth Street and Zetland Avenue, and a signalised pedestrian and bike crossing between Zetland Avenue and Hansard Street.

We expect to start construction in 2017 and finish in late 2018, depending on the weather. Improving safety at Elizabeth Street intersection is a priority, so the new traffic signals are fast-tracked for early delivery and we expect to complete these by early 2017.

Replacing street trees on Joynton Avenue
To complete these works, we need to remove 33 street trees along this section of Joynton Avenue. We have worked hard to minimise the loss of any trees. Most of these trees are lemon-scented gums. These will be replaced with lemon-scented gums.

The Joynton Avenue corridor will also include new large-sized Port Jackson fig trees, complementing the fig trees in the northern section of Joynton Avenue.

South Sydney Hospital heritage wall
The heritage boundary wall on Joynton Avenue at the former South Sydney Hospital site will be raised early next year ahead of the rest of the street works in the second half of 2017.

The works will be undertaken in two stages:
•Stage 1 will include removing the sandstone capping, raising brick courses and a mass concrete retaining structure on the inside of the wall.

•Stage 2 will include reinstating the sandstone capping in late 2017 or early 2018.

Elizabeth Street raised pedestrian crossing

In August, the City started work on a raised pedestrian crossing on Elizabeth Street. This crossing will improve safety and access between the Victoria Park residential precinct, bus stops on Elizabeth Street and Green Square station. The crossing will be open for use by October 2016.

New cycling and walking connections
The Green Square town centre will feature a network of new streets and cycleways for residents and visitors to walk or ride easily and safely through the area.
We’re building more bike routes in Green Square than in any other part of Sydney, with links from four directions leading to the town centre.

The proposed Green Square to Randwick link will create more bike riding and walking opportunities for people of all ages and abilities as part of the Randwick to Marrickville regional bike route. It will also provide more space for people walking and riding bikes on Joynton Avenue and Epsom Road.

More information
We invite you to an information day at Mary O’Brien Reserve, Joynton Avenue (corner Tilford Street) in Zetland on Saturday 8 October from 10am to 1pm, where you can see the proposals, ask questions and give feedback to City staff.

For more information about this project, please contact Adam McInnes on 02 9265 9333 or email