Ripon Way, Rosebery - proposed tree planting

8 months ago

We welcome your feedback on the proposed design for wider footpaths at intersections and more trees along Ripon Way, Rosebery. The design will make the street safer and more attractive, while balancing the parking needs of local residents.

The design incorporates feedback from our consultation with local residents in April 2017. It includes wider footpaths at intersections that will make the streets safer for people walking.

The new tree species will be Holm oak or Sydney red gum. The trees will be planted so there is at least one on-street car parking space outside each address on Ripon Way.

At the intersection of Dalmeny Avenue and Bannerman Crescent, trees will be planted in existing ‘no stopping’ areas.

The current unrestricted parking zone will remain. We received some requests to include a resident parking permit zone. However, most Ripon Way residents have off-street parking and would not be eligible for these permits. We also received requests to upgrade the footpath, based on its current condition it will be assessed for renewal in around three to five years.

This proposal is part of our commitment to increase tree canopy cover across the city, provide more shade and beautify our streets, and meet our environmental targets for 2030.

View the proposed design and artists impression and submit your feedback by Friday 9 June 2017.

Project queries can be made to, Project Manager, on 02 9265 9333.