A local backyard for residents

over 2 years ago

Mulgu Park is a proposed future park situated within the Epsom Precinct, adjacent to the Green Square Town Centre. Mulgu Park is one of a range of regional and local parks to be developed in the Precinct. These parks will provide a range of facilities and programs including active sports, children’s play facilities catering for all ages from toddlers to teens, and temporary uses such as outdoor markets and performance.

Historically the precinct was part of the Waterloo swamp that housed a rich environment of indigenous flora and fauna. This served as a hunting ground for
the the local Gadigal People of the Eora Nation. Industries were attracted to the area from very early on during the start of the European settlement. Dams
were constructed, and the site of Mulgu Park was part of what was called the Upper Dam. By 1908 the whole swamp and dams were filled and leveled for the Victoria Park race course.

Redevelopment in the 1950’s of the southern end of the race track transformed the area into automobile manufacturers. Currently Mulgu Park forms part of a privately owned car dealership and is approximately 2,750 square metres in size. This is equivalent in scale to the area of the neighbouring Tote Park, located to the north in the Victoria Park Precinct. The park will be framed by residential apartment buildings that are typically six storeys in height. There are shared zones and through-site links on Chimes St that connect nearby live/work units for light commercial on ground floor levels.

Due its proximity and location away from any major transport hubs or retail activity, Mulgu Park will perform as a local ‘backyard’ for the surrounding residents.