What is a Review of Environmental Factors?

A Review of Environmental Factors or REF is a planning assessment report used by councils to assess key engineering, environmental and planning issues associated with projects that are developed for use by the public.

The REF has been prepared in accordance with Part 5 of the NSW Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 and the City of Sydney Environmental Impact Assessment Procedures Manual.

Why is the City delivering this project?

The project forms part of a floodplain risk management strategy identified in the Green Square flood risk management plan.

The trunk main will act as a conduit linking the O’Dea Avenue trunk main to the Green square trunk main which will discharge into the Alexandra Canal.

When is the project planned to be delivered?

The project is due to commence construction in late October 2016 and will be completed by late 2017. 

What issues have been assessed in the Review of Environmental Factors?

The REF has assessed the following key engineering, environmental and planning issues:

·  Flora and Fauna

·  Hydrology and flooding

·  Geotechnical and contamination

·  Noise and Vibration

·  Design and operational requirements

·  Construction impacts and mitigation measures

·  Legislative requirements and approvals

What are the key elements of the project are being delivered?

·  Stormwater pipes

·  Stormwater pits

·  Water quality improvement devices (Gross pollutant traps)

Who is delivering other drainage infrastructure within the area?

The Green Square Stormwater Drain Project is being delivered by the DG Alliance.

How will the trunk main be constructed?

Trenchless construction method of micro-tunnelling will be used to install the 1.8m diameter pipes.

How will construction impacts will be managed during the construction?

The successful contractor is required to consider all aspects within the REF to mitigate against construction impacts ensuring minor impact.

The contractor shall appoint a Community Liaison Officer to manage the consultation with the community during construction and provide timely notification of events.