How has community been involved in planning for City Farm?

Since the proposal for City Farm was first visioned by the Sydney City Farm community group and presented to the City of Sydney, we have worked with the community to understand their ideas, and aspirations for a farm in the heart of the city. The community has participated in a range of workshops and events to provide ideas and feedback which have informed the development of the business plan and concept design for the farm. These events include:

  • Feasibility Study Community Workshops in 2010;

  • Community Day at Sydney Park on 28 July 2011;

  • Online forum at Sydney Your from 1 July – 3 September 2012;

  • A Summer Garden design workshop, 13 October 2012;

  • During the City Farm Summer Garden at Sydney Park, from 19 January – 24 March 2013, including the City Farmer volunteer program;

  • Royal Easter Show Display, March 2013

  • An Advisory Group that included community representatives.

The key themes that emerged through these consultations include:

  • Growing food and food production, including seasonal and organic produce
  • Community involvement and volunteering, sharing and participating
  • Education and activities for children, Lifelong learning and adult education
  • Sustainable practices and design excellent
  • Markets; and
  • Animal husbandry.

When will the City farm be established?

The design and approval process for City Farm continued throughout 2015, and the City will procure a contractor to undertake site construction which is expected to commence in early 2016.  The community will also have the opportunity to get involved in the establishment of the farm in 2016.

How can I be involved in City Farm?

There will be lots of opportunities to be involved in City Farm.

  • You can sign up to our e-news to keep up to date with news and events
  • Get involved in future planning for programs and education at City Farm
  • Come along and enjoy City Farm at Sydney Park when it opens

Sign up to the e-news to make sure you stay informed.

Where will City Farm be located in Sydney Park?

The south-west corner of Sydney Park has plenty of sun, shelter, good drainage and access to the wetlands stormwater harvesting network – perfect for farm activities.

Raised planting areas will ensure produce is fresh and fit for use. We are completing further soil analysis to determine the best ways to use the land and to identify complementary food crops.

Placing the farm in this location also means we can make the most of the existing buildings and paths. Educational activities will initially use the Alan Davidson Oval pavilion, outdoor spaces in the farm and the parkland, and a small training space in the farm’s operational area. The farmers markets will use existing shade area along Sydney Park Road.  See the map on Page 2 of the the concept design.