Developing the Resilient Sydney Strategy

about 1 year ago
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The Resilient Sydney Strategy is developed in three phases.

Phase I 2016: Research and engagement to understand Sydney’s strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities and the key challenges we face.

Phase II now - mid 2017: Engagement to develop solutions to our challenges. We will also focus on increasing understanding of resilience whilst building networks and partnerships for action. We will use the feedback to develop the Resilient Sydney Strategy.

Phase III late 2017: Launch of the Resilient Sydney Strategy. We will put some of the solutions into action. We will continue to build understanding and capacity for resilience across our city, whilst creating and strengthening networks and partnerships.

Program Governance

Resilient Sydney receives guidance and approval from 100 Resilient Cities internationally and the Resilient Sydney Steering Committee locally. The metropolitan Sydney Steering Committee includes executive leadership from the following sectors:

· Local government – a general manager representing the communities from each of the 6 Districts of metropolitan Sydney

· State government – key agencies involved in land use and emergency management are represented

· Business

· Community

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