Engagement to support the development of the Resilient Sydney Strategy

about 1 year ago
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1. Agenda Setting Workshop

Resilient Sydney began with an Agenda Setting Workshop in June 2015 attended by 150 stakeholders from across metropolitan Sydney. Participants attended from 40 of Sydney’s then 41 councils, state government, business, academia, community services, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, emergency services, utilities, advocacy and community groups.

Participants gave feedback on Sydney’s strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities. The workshop also established a shared understanding of city resilience and enthusiasm for the work ahead.

2. Resilience Ambassadors

In early 2016 Resilient Sydney invited a representative from each of metropolitan Sydney’s councils to join our Resilience Ambassadors group. The Ambassadors provide feedback and input into our studies while championing resilience within their organisations.

We have held meetings and workshops with the Ambassadors to inform our research, develop case studies of best practice within local government and facilitate connections and networks for future action within Sydney.

3. Engagement to develop the Preliminary Resilience Assessment, 2016

Resilient Sydney consulted with the community (residents of metropolitan Sydney) as well as stakeholders from business, government, the community services sector, emergency preparedness, utilities and academia to develop the Preliminary Resilience Assessment.

Feedback was sought on:

· Sydney’s current resilience status (strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities);

· Sydney’s key challenges (our Discovery Areas).

4. City Talk and visit from 100 Resilient Cities President, Michael Berkowitz, November 2016

In November 2016 Michael Berkowitz, president of 100 Resilient Cities, met with mayors, general managers and administrators from across Sydney’s metropolitan councils to discuss Sydney’s challenges and the value of local government collaboration for taking meaningful action.

Later that night Michael gave the keynote speech at the Resilient Sydney City Talk. He was joined by Beck Dawson, the Chief Resilience Officer for metropolitan Sydney as well as a panel of experts in discussing our challenges and the importance of working together to make Sydney strong.

The City Talk was attended by more than 700 members of the public, many of whom learned of urban resilience, 100 Resilient Cities and Resilient Sydney for the first time.

Media coverage of Resilient Sydney following the visit included a front page article and double page spread in the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday 19 November 2016

Consultation has concluded